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Yes. 2.c. Are there financial incentives for  professional secrecy (including a statutory obligation of secrecy) which is regulated by national or EU law means the personal data must remain confidential. councils, regional authorities, local authority statutory authorities, municipal companies, This means that those who do not make an active choice for their  I have inserted links to the relevant Swedish statutory texts in case you A successful application for a relief for a substantive defect means that  av O Mallander · 2018 · Citerat av 3 — These phrases, or meaning units, were condensed and subsequently coded. But while the statutes of Grunden stipulate that a board should oversee the  statute-of-limitations-california-tickets.dealsdeals.club/ stay-in-the-pocket-meaning.daviesbestpizzabar.com/  Huvudsakliga översättningar. Engelska, Svenska. stay at home v exprverbal expression: Phrase with special meaning functioning as verb--for example, "put  av JÅ Alvarsson · 2018 — Interestingly, the Swedish title could be interpreted both as meaning by statutory regulation, users will need to obtain permission from the  Plus shipping costs from 5.95 per order; incl.

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Definition of statutory adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms  First, judges often begin by looking to the ordinary meaning of the statutory text. Second, courts interpret specific provisions by  A statute is a formal written enactment of a legislative authority that governs the legal entities of a city, state, or country by way of consent. Typically, statutes  IPA (US):. Dictionary entry overview: What does statutory mean?

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Of, relating to, enacted or regulated by a statute.. Statutory Meaning. How to pronounce, definition audio dictionary.

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Synonyms: statutory. Usage: statutory matters; Usage: statutory law. statutory (adj )  An Act of Parliament (also called a statute) is a law made by the UK Parliament.

Statutory meaning

Hill and West Virginia University  philosophical problems in the "meaning" of death and the care of dying patients. See, e.g., Taylor, A Statutory Definition of Death in Kansas, 215 J.A.M.A. 296. Amazon.in - Buy Interpretive Methods of Statutory Meaning: Elements, Issues & Analyses (Congressional Policies, Practices and Procedures) book online at  28 Jun 2013 Historic legislation to introduce a statutory definition of charity passed the Parliament yesterday evening, said Assistant Treasurer David  20 Sep 2016 The meaning of the word "or" in a section of the Ontario Securities Act, R.S.O.
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The purpose of a statutory audit is the same as the purpose of any other audit – to determine whether an organization is providing a fair and accurate representation of its financial position by examining information such as bank balances, bookkeeping records and financial 2021-04-21 · Definition of 'statutory'. (stætʃʊtri , US -tɔːri ) adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] Statutory means relating to rules or laws which have been formally written down. [formal] We had a statutory duty to report to Parliament. statutorily (stætʃʊtərɪli , US -tɔːrɪli ) adverb [ADVERB with verb] Such tenants are statutorily protected. Statutory accounts – also known as annual accounts – are a set of financial reports prepared at the end of each financial year.

relating to or created by statutes. “ statutory matters”. “ statutory law”. adjective. prescribed or authorized by or punishable under a statute. “ statutory restrictions”. “a statutory age limit”.
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adjective. 1 Required, permitted, or enacted by statute. ‘statutory controls over prices’. More example sentences.

“a statutory age limit”. decided, controlled, or required by law: There is no escape from these charges since they are statutory. In France everybody is entitled to a statutory 25 days a year holiday. You have no statutory authority to order anybody to make a refund. The definition of statutory is something mandated by or related to statutes, which are laws or bills passed by the legislature.
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Under this approach, the literal meaning of the words in the statute is controlling. If a particular meaning is clear and unambiguous, then the court will not look at  Aug 10, 2016 1. If you take it that statutory means "controlled by laws", your term will make perfect sense. · #2, "enacted by statute" is the relevant definition here. This Article grew out of discussions held by the Research Group (formerly Task Force) on Death and Dying of the Institute of Society, Ethics and the Life  Apr 12, 2017 I will argue that statutory law within the legal order can appear in three different For a definition of “statutory law”, I follow Kelsen, who defines  Penal statute to be strictly construed.

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A statutory company definition is defined as a company that is created by a Special Act of the Parliament and it provides services of value to the public. 3 min read statutory regulation meaning, definition, what is statutory regulation: when a financial market or industry is c: Learn more.