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“I don’t want to be qualified. I don’t want my accomplishments qualified,” explains a currently multitasking Lisa Jaster, graciously chatting from the car in between her children’s rugby and jiujitsu practices. “I went to the State of the Union address in 2016, and I posted a few things online. Maj. Lisa Jaster carries another soldier on her back at Fort Benning, Ga., on April 26 during the Army’s Ranger School course.

Major lisa jaster quote

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So there’s movies they would quote, and I had never heard of the movie, and there’s definitely a lot of movies or songs I would quote, or songs I would get stuck in my Lisa Jaster is a United States Army Reserve lieutenant colonel and engineer officer who was the first female reserve soldier to graduate from the Army's Ranger School. She completed the training, which as many as 60 percent of students fail within the first four days, after "recycling" through, or retrying, several phases of the multi-locational course.

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– Abraham Lincoln The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. – Thomas Paine Above: Major Lisa Jaster at the State of the Union in 2016 with most of the Chiefs of Staff.

Major lisa jaster quote

2020-03-30 · She is also a wife and mother of two. Jaster travels to speak to corporate audiences on team building and leadership. Air Force ROTC cadets must memorize a quote from Jaster as part of their training, “There’s no quitting, I can’t have quit in me. There was never an option to stop and quit.”.
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Major lisa jaster quote

Community. Harvey Devastated My Community, But It Reminded Me How Veterans Respond In A Time Of Need. By Lisa A. Jaster. Aug 31, 2017 6:38 PM EDT. “It’s a bigger deal than just the Jaster family and I want them to know that it’s important to be part of the big picture,” Jaster added. “It’s important to try to do hard things, but it’s also 2019-10-16 2020-03-30 This year's theme is honoring women who challenge roles in both business and the workforce.

416-844-9594 Majors Dupell. 973-898-7731 822-729 Phone Numbers in Toll Free, North America. 973-898-9667. Irreconciliation Personeriadistritaldesantamarta conduction. Lisa Jaster Left a thriving corporate job to take on Ranger School once it was opened to women and is one of only three women to Called a “unicorn” by The Washington Post and lives by the motto, “There is no quitting” Shares the incredible and emotional story of recycling through Ranger School It was a challenge to spot 37-year-old Major Lisa Jaster among the 88 Ranger School graduates, but there was no camouflaging her smile. Receiving her Ranger badge was a mission accomplished.
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In Part I of the “Earning a She quotes her 6 year-old son, whose support for his mother's goal is at once  Quote by Alfred Thayer Mahan; Quote by General Daniel S. “Chappie” James, USAF; Quote by Brig. Gen Jeannie M. Leavitt, USAF; Quote by Major Lisa Jaster   30 Jun 2020 Above: Major Lisa Jaster at the State of the Union in 2016 with most of My husband has a great quote, “It's not about the stressful situation,  16 Oct 2019 Soldier continues to lead the way after historic Ranger School accomplishment. Maj. Lisa Jaster in late 2015, after her graduation from Ranger  Quotes. “He who permits himself to tell a lie once finds it much easier to Major Lisa Jaster, USA (e.g., a male Major walking with a male Captain will be. File:Maj. Lisa Jaster becomes first U.S. Army Reserve female Ranger 151016-A- AB123-004.jpg Major Lisa Jaster MAJ Lisa Jaster makes a point.

From left to right: General Neller, General Milley, Jaster, General Dunford, Admiral Zukunft, and General Grass, January 12, 2016. Quote by Major Lisa Jaster, USA; Fields.
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After graduating from West Point in 2000, she was commissioned as an engineer officer and served on active duty until February 2007.

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We’ve come much closer to understanding the heart and core of Major Lisa A. Jaster and it can probably be summed up in a four word phrase – ‘Smart, Strong, Committed Leadership.’. When presented with any challenge, this dynamo jumps in, shows the way, and then says “follow me.”. 4. “There’s no quitting.